Gramma is winery based in Vișan, Romania with a tendency towards young social-wines. They rebranded a sortiment called METAPH for which I excitingly created the packaging.
As I handed in my work, I notice that the first impulse of the customers was to colour the white gaps between the contours. To them, it was an invitation to play, to become part of the fairy tale - just like the creative process was to me.
The graphic I chose reminds of the etching technique, adding more to my main purpose - that of reimagining the past and dragging it into contemporary settings. Each of the three drawings is filled with details (you might notice something new every time you carefully look at it) and is inspired by a different moldavian folk-tale, it brings the glass-holder closer to the origin of the wine. 
An innocent but daring, slowly mumbled tale for the princes and princesses of today.

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