"A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent substrate, usually a vertical one, that is to say a wall. Historically, they are especially associated with the fresco technique, where the pigments are applied to a thin layer of wet plaster, into which they sink." Now, you can go crazy and even use spray paint.

Noua Bucătărie Românească
Bucharest, Romania, for NOUA Bucătărie Românească 2022
Towards a Green, Resilient and Inclusive Romania
This mural painting was created on the occasion of the 30-year anniversary of the World Bank Group in Romania. It celebrates the beauty of Romania and its people, and the remarkable transformation of the country over the past three decades. It calls for a more resilient and green growth that has people at its core. It is a testimony to the World Bank Group`s support to Romania on this development journey. This was an initiative of the World Bank Group in Romania, with the support of Zidart and Arts Secondary School no. 5 Bucharest, Romania 2022
Shoot by youth
This was a workshop that i did, at the initiative of the young students of Technical Collage Transylvania, for SHOOT by youth project. Their wish was to cover up tags and graffiti with painting, on the stairs in their collage. so we did. :) * I really hope we`ll get forgiveness from the guys we covered up. Technical College Transilvania, Brasov, Romania 2022
Woman in the wind of fate
The illustrated character is Chira Chiralina, a legend of the city and a kind of metaphorical cornerstone of Brăila. The mural talks about the condition of women in a society, where we find the same problems as 100 years ago: objectification , aggression, blaming the victim. This work is a wake-up call, an attempt to remind passers-by that violence against women must stop. The building of the Maria Filotti theater, another symbol of the city, covers her eyes, to hide her beauty from the gaze of passers-by, just as women are advised to cover their bodies to avoid temptation. As most of the subjects of my recent works this one had, behind the colorful illustrations, political and social messages, alarm signals for our society, This is my way of protesting.
Cry me a river
“i still protest. my silent way. for cutting trees i cry all day. i feel the cut right through my waist. now i am two. i fell misplaced. i plant the seed and watch it grow. i wait in silence, like the snow. and in my mind i see it all, the future is right through that pink door. step into my world for just a sec. this is the reality check. you too are just a slice of tree, look at your fingertip for me.” Târgu Jiu, Romania, for Strad'Art festival 2022
Take me Havana
“If only every workday could be spent in the sunshine with pineapples full of rum. She'd get very little work done, but she'd be in an excellent mood.” Bucharest, Romania, for Havana Club at Acuarela Bistro 2022
Asiatico Express
Constanța, Romania, for Asiatico Express 2021
The secret tunnel
"there once was a boy that really liked trains, he runed them around, even fly them like planes. at one point in time he became my good friend, but i was working a lot, never had time to spend. then one day at noon his mum came to me: can you paint in his room? teach him how be free. i knew how to do that with my magic brush so i showed him a world that was great and lush. it had secret tunnels that can get you far away, you can travel to space, come back the next day. he gave me huge hugs and thanked me a lot jumped on the train and never looked back!" Brasov, Romania, for my good friend Radu, 2022
Nothing`s impossible
"turning your world just upside down adding some color to your town. we are those kids that ride their dreams “nothing’s impossible!” it seems. so don’t forget to get in touch, laughing is never too much. we’ll wait for you over that hill, It's time for you to show your skill!" Bucharest, Romania, for ARTogether festival 2022
Time to breath
"From black and white I grow to green I let them cover all my skin From being still I dance around Let nature bring me to the ground. The mask I wore I let go now, My art became I don`t know how A piece of earth that must be clean, This can be more than just a dream." Ploiesti, Romania, for ARTown festival 2022
Woman rising from quicksand
“the things i do reflect on me. i`m not an easy cup of tea. i swear and course, i cry and yell just every time i feel their spell cause they`re consuming all that oil, poison the water and the soil.they cut the trees and kill my friendsthey must be stopped before all ends..i do my best to fight them all.i try so much but sometimes fall. so please forgive my nasty mood i m just that simple. almost rude.” Bacau, Romania, for Zidart festival 2022
New Romania
Joy in the Universe
"The day they all return to nest We will have the greatest fest! We`ll dance and sing and laugh a lot, Those summer days will be so hot. We`ll have some cake and drink some shots Paint this gray world with happy thoughts. The cosmic carpet is our scene, even the stars will dance. Amin!" Alexandria, Romania, for Ideo Ideis 2022
saved by a whale
whales. the best way to travel safe. humpback whales can travel over 10,000 kilometres every year and can accommodate up to three back-to-back school buses, so more then 216 young ones. also they have a heart the size of a small car. Brasov, Romania, for kids playground "Brasov for Ukraine" 2022
Pillars of Humanity
"I take the shape of any vessel but the essence stays intact." - THE WOMAN as a pillar of humanity. Bacău, Romania, for ZidART festival 2021.
Reinvent oneself / Hero or Antihero
"Since forever nature has reinvented herself. Carefully picking from the greatest of tools and fabrics only to create animals, birds and humans. Our inner heroes have reinvented nature hoping for a better world, making us superheroes. And now those superheroes have embraced nature's energy and by adding bits and technology they managed to bring the humans dreams to new words and entities." Bucharest, Romania, for ArtSafari 2021 Powered by George and done with the great help of The Minions (Adina, Satan, Ada, Andra, Mara & Anton)
Bahlui Octopus
The legend says once upon a time it used to live a great octopus in that river. No! I`m kidding. there are no octopuses in Romanian waters. Iasi, Romania, for Romanian Creative Week 2021, powered by George
UP & DOWN in the unknown
Constanta, Romania, 2021 Powered by George
This is a mural done with Wanda for "A New Now" Street Art Challenge by George. it`s about floating in space and time, about really taking a break when it was most needed. it`s about breathing. and dreaming.
I always had a guilty pleasure for powder rooms. it`s not my first and definitely not my last! this time, Visssual invite me and Teodorescu, over and let us do it for them. Visssual is THE cultural center in Brasov, Romania. "Vis" is dream and this are my dreamers. the ones that never stop! the ones that never sleep.
Huge unconventional space for concerts, parties, exibitions and so much more. Aeroplane engines used to be build here, so we`ve painted all this workers in an unusual environment.
mural for TURBOHALLE grand opening
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